Program ’21

Here you can find an an overview of this year’s speaker program. The list is growing continuously! More speakers will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

Erin Uritus (she/her)

Talk | Bisexuality & Belonging in the Workplace

CEO | Out & Equal

Erin Uritus is the CEO of Out & Equal, the worlds’ premier organization working exclusively on LGBTQ workplace equality.
She first got to know Out & Equal in the early 2000s when she was an employee of Booz Allen, and was working to ensure that LGBTQ employees there felt welcomed at work. She went on to join the Out and Equal Board of Directors, co-found the Out & Equal DC Chapter Affiliate, and serve as Co-Chair for the Out & Equal Summit in 2007 before becoming Out & Equal’s CEO in 2018.
Her professional experience also includes work with the Department of Homeland Security, work for a major Middle East government in support of its efforts to restructure during the 2007 economic crash and subsequent “Arab Spring” revolutions. She is the co-author of a book about Change Management in government — published in both Arabic and English.
Erin has a Masters in Organization Development (OD) from American University, and two Masters certificates in Change Management and Performance Management from Johns Hopkins and Georgetown, respectively. She lives in Washington DC with her two beautiful daughters Amira and Haneen.

Ellen Wagner (she/her)

Panel | The Importance of Embracing Intersectionality in Your D&I Work

Founder & CEO | cross cultural bridges — wagner coaching

Ellen is a Diversity, Equity, and inclusion expert who has worked with clients and companies in Europe and the United States. She is dedicated to supporting organizations in creating inclusive cultures and empowering individuals in overcoming external and internal barriers as well as strengthening their resources. She has a profound understanding of business processes, unprejudiced communication, and a high degree of professionalism and confidentiality.

Jens Schadendorf (he/him)

Talk | POWER PLAY — A New Game for LGBT+ Equality in Global Workplaces and Beyond

Economist, Book Changemaker, Author “GaYme Changer”

Jens Schadendorf is an economist and a book changemaker.
As an author and speaker, Jens focuses on LGBT+ equality, responsible business, and organizational and social change. He has published several books, including „GaYme Changer”: How the LGBT+ community and their allies are changing the global economy“, the first of its kind. He has written for leading German media and is an independent LGBT+ researcher at the Chair of Business Ethics at the Technical University of Munich, Bavaria, where he lives.

Jens makes change via books in another way, too. An award-winning publishing director for many years, he has worked with bestselling authors such as Jack Welch, Bill Clinton, Anita Roddick, the Dalai Lama, Peter Drucker, and Hans-Werner Sinn. Today his main business is to advise companies, scientists, managers, and medical doctors on book projects globally.

Jens has served as a medical corpsman in the German army and holds a degree in shipping management and a Master’s in economic and social sciences from the bilingual French-German university of Fribourg, Switzerland. There, he also worked as a research associate at the Institute of Political Economy, followed by postgraduate studies in Bangkok and Singapore, funded by the Swiss National Fund.

Filiz Polat (she/her)

Talk | Verbindliche Vielfalt — Empowerment, Selbstverpflichtung, Quote?

MdB | Bündnis 90/Die Grünen

Filiz Polat MdB ist seit 2017 Bundestagsabgeordnete und Sprecherin der Fraktion von BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN für Migration und Integration. Sie ist Obfrau im Innenausschuss, stellvertretendes Mitglied im Ausschuss für Menschenrechte und humanitäre Hilfe. 2020 hat sie den Parlamentskreis für Vielfalt und Antirassismus mitgegründet. Filiz Polat engagiert sich u.a. im Vorstand des Netzwerkes für Demokratie und Courage sowie im Beirat von Schule ohne Rassismus – Schule mit Courage. Bei Bündnis 90/Die Grünen hat sie als Mitglied der AG Vielfalt bei der Erstellung des Vielfaltsstatuts mitgewirkt.

Ulysses J. Smith (he/him)

Talk | The Queer Economic Effect

Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging | Blend

As a leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion, Ulysses builds organization-wide DEI functions that drive social impact through product. Much of his work has been centered around participatory governance structures and creating access to institutions and decision-making processes for underserved and underrepresented groups. In his role as the Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging at Blend, he drives leaders to think critically about the impact of diversity in their business functions, and develops strategies to create a more equitable consumer banking ecosystem. He is a graduate of Cornell University earning concurrent degrees in Urban and Regional Studies and Government.

Ivy Wong (she/her)

Panel | LGBTIQ+ Workplace Inclusion in Asian Countries

Talk TBA

Co-Founder | Diversity and Inclusion Consulting (DNIC)

Born and bred in Hong Kong, Ivy is a strong LGBT+ ally with a mission to improve LGBT+ mental health at work. Since 2015, she has been working with numerous multinational companies in developing their LGBT+ initiatives in Hong Kong, Greater China and APAC. 

She led the Asia pioneering Hong Kong LGBT+ Workplace Inclusion Index, which is a benchmarking tool to measure companies’ LGBT+ inclusion effort at the workplace. She has worked with United Nations, Chambers of  Commerce, Consulates and other regional NGOs to drive LGBT+ inclusion at the workplace.

Relocated to Shanghai in September 2017, she is the co-lead of the ShanghaiPRIDE / Out & Equal China Forum, an annual LGBT+ workplace inclusion forum in China, and is part of the driving force for LGBT+ workplace inclusion in China.

Busi Sizani (she/her)

Panel | The Importance of Embracing Intersectionality in Your D&I Work

Head of Global Diversity and Inclusion | Deliveroo

Busi has 18+ years experience in marketing, production, broadcast and technology across a number of global companies and brands and has experienced first hand the challenges these industries face in leveraging diversity as a resource and hardwiring inclusion and belonging for all. As a broadcaster, marketeer, television executive and award-winning film producer, Busi honed her skills as an innovative content creator, storyteller and commercial strategist and is a sought after speaker, facilitator and coach for business leaders and young entrepreneurs alike. 

For 6 years, she led global strategy and programs for building high performing and inclusive teams in Uber’s Global People & Organisation Development team and was the Global Co-Chair for Black at Uber, an Employee Resource Group that partners with DEI and the Executive Leadership Team to ensure black diversity and co-developed Uber’s anti-racism commitments and strategy. 
Today she is the Head of Global Diversity and Inclusion at Deliveroo and continues to contribute to the broader technology industry by using her pragmatic and developmental approach to consult with startups and scaleups and coach founders and venture capitalists as the Co-Founder of The Inclusion Company.

Aron Le Fèvre (he/him)

Panel | Pride Parades – New Perspectives

Director of Human Rights | Copenhagen 2021 WorldPride & EuroGames

Director of Human Rights making the LGBTI+ cause visible and support the global LGBTI+ agenda, engaging with activists and Civil Society Organisations from all over the world.
Executing the Human Rights Forum (during the challenging COVID-19 pandemic) with a dedicated team in Copenhagen and Malmö. Working with the UN, European Union, Council of Europe, Nordic Council, OECD, OAS and national and foreign governments, legislators and other stakeholders. Special focus on program development, partnership development, fundraising and lobbying.
Maintaining executive partnerships with 20 internationally operating non-governmental organisations like Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, OII Europe, EGIDES, Rainbow Railroad, Parliamentarians for Global Action, Victory Institute, Workplace Pride, International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims, European Parliamentary Forum for Sexual and Reproductive Rights, NELFA and others. Close cooperation’s with national and regional organizations working for and with the LGBTI+ Community.
Initiated the Embassy Engagement Program, working together with over 100 Danish and Swedish (and other Nordic) missions and the EEAS abroad on inclusion projects engaging the community on the ground.

Athena Lamm (she/her)

Panel | The Importance of Embracing Intersectionality in Your D&I Work

Talk | Adding to the Rainbow. One Word at a Time.

Content Lead | Passbase GmbH

Athena translates the value of well-built B2B tech solutions. Currently, Athena is the Content Lead at Passbase. She is a community builder for LGBTQ and POC communities. She currently serves as an AsiaBerlin Ambassador and Board Member for Yarrow Society and Planet Ally. She has spoken at events such as The Economist’s Pride and Prejudice (Asia) LGBTQ conference and IIeX Europe and been interviewed for podcast programs.

Athena started Hong Kong’s first opensource LGBTQ workplace directory (LGBTQ Glassdoor) and co-founded TEDxYouth@HongKong, which ran for 10 years, has built accelerator programs in East Asia, and done early-stage business development for companies such as LaunchPilots and MakerBay Hong Kong.

Brix Schaumburg (he/him)

Panel | Geschlechtliche Vielfalt und trans*freundlicher Umgang in Unternehmen


Brix is been a performer all his life, but took his career to a next level when he moved back to Germany in 2016. He has been touring with the Jungle Book (lead role Mowgli), as Marshall with the „Paw Patrol“ and so many more.He´s producing his own shows and translating plays and loves the work behind the scenes just as much.
In 2020 he got cast in tv series called : Sunny, wer bist du wirklich as on of the main characters. The first time in German history- a trans actor being cast for a trans role in German television.His Podcast „Herzfarben“ has been nominated for the German Podcast award and he is more out and proud then he has ever been.
His diversity workshops are going well and he has been working with „ dem deutschen Synchronverband, Wikipedia und Patagonia“ and many more.
Did I mention that he is a tripple threat? His single  „It will be fine“ is just as grovy as his Drag performances.This unstoppable young man has always something up his sleeve and is ready to keep the flag up in the air.

Anastasia Biefang (she/her)

Panel | Geschlechtliche Vielfalt und trans*freundlicher Umgang in Unternehmen

Stv Vorsitzende QueerBw, Referatsleiterin im Kommando Cyber- und Informationsraum

Anastasia Biefang ist seit 1994 als Offizierin in der Bundeswehr tätig. Sie studierte Pädagogik, durchlief verschiedene Führungs- und Stabsverwendungen, absolvierte den Generalstabslehrgang der Bundeswehr, diente als Referentin im Bundesministerium der Verteidigung (BMVg) und war bis Oktober 2020 Kommandeurin des Informationstechnikbataillon 381 in Storkow (Mark). Aktuell ist sie Referatsleiterin im Kommando Cyber- und Informationsraum in Bonn.

Während ihrer Dienstzeit war sie zweimal im Einsatz in Afghanistan. 

Die Aktivistin engagiert sich ehrenamtlich als Stellvertretende Vorsitzende von QueerBw und setzt sich für die Rechte von LGBTIQ ein. Seit 2020 schreibt sie für das LGBTIQ Magazin MANNSCHAFT die Kolumne „Die Transperspektive“. 

Anastasia Biefang lebt mit ihrer Frau in Berlin.

Ronn Astillas (he/him)

Panel | LGBTIQ+ Workplace Inclusion in Asian Countries

Independent International Trade Policy Expert / Diversity, Equality, & Inclusion Advocate / Chair | Philippine LGBT Chamber of Commerce

Ronn Astillas is an advocate for greater inclusion, diversity and equality. He provides guidance and vision on businesses as the current chair of the Philippine LGBT Chamber of Commerce, a non-stock, non-profit industry organization of businesses of, by, and for Philippine LGBT. He also considers himself as an ally of sustainable farming and urges communities to support locally made and grown products. 

Ronn has more than 15 years of experience in international trade relations and public policy development. As a former Philippine lead trade negotiator in ASEAN services sector, he supported the promotion of competitive and innovative industries to deepen the country’s engagement in regional cooperation and integration. He was the inaugural Philippine lead services negotiator for the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), a mega trade deal that accounts for about 30% of global GDP covering almost 30% of global population. 

He obtained his master’s degree in International Political Economy from the University of Manchester (UK) as a British Chevening scholar, and currently serves as a consultant for multi-sectoral organizations/ entities and provides advice on public policy, stakeholder engagement, and external economic relations.

Meike Imberg (she/her)

Talk | How Does My Organization Achieve Global Diversity & Inclusion in a Meaningful Way?

D&I Consultant

I am Meike, a 29-year-old lesbian woman from Germany who lived in London for 10 years now. I completed a volunteering year in the UK after my A-levels and ended up staying. During that year I really discovered my passion for helping others and driving positive changes. After completing a BSc in Sociology and Psychology at the University of Greenwich, I started my D&I journey during my Greenwich Students‘ Union Presidency from 2017-2019 where I worked with and for students and staff to drive and implement changes across various areas such as liberation. I was fortunate to get the opportunity to work with Stonewall as Client Account Manager after my Presidency where I support private sector clients on their LGBT inclusion journey in the workplace. Currently I am also finishing a MSc in Gender, Sexuality and Society at Birkbeck, London University and I am the Chair of the Board at ICYE UK, the international volunteering organisation I volunteered with. In addition, I am also a self-employed D&I Consultant and deliver sessions and presentations about my own journey. I love everything I do, and it gives me lots of energy and motivation to keep going. In future I want to progress into global D&I work in the private sector.

Margot Slattery (she/her)

Panel | Do We Need an LGBTIQ+ Quota?

Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion | ISS World Services

As the Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion for ISS World Services, Margot Slattery is responsible for the strategic direction, implementation and alignment of its integrated diversity and inclusion initiatives across five global dimensions: Cultures & Ethnicity, Abilities, Gender, Sexual Orientation/LGBT+ and Generations and Age. 
Margot also represents ISS World Services in global diversity & inclusion forums such as the UN Global Compact, UN Free & Equal initiative and the Valuable 500 initiative. 
She is a member of the Workplace Pride Council and the ILO Council, through which she engages with other large global organisations that are looking at the present and future challenges surrounding D&I. 
Prior to joining ISS World Services in May 2021, Margot was Global Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer with the Sodexo Group for two years. Before that, she was country president for Sodexo Ireland for four years, responsible for all its operations on the island of Ireland and CEO of Sodexo Ireland for four years prior to that.
During her tenure, Sodexo was a co-founder and signatory of Ireland’s first Diversity Charter. Margot has won numerous awards for her role in supporting diversity and inclusion and women in business, including the Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite (National Order of Merit) from the French Ambassador to Ireland. She was FM Leader of the Year at the 2018 FM Awards for Ireland and received the Business Leader Award at the WXN 25 Most Powerful Women in Ireland Awards that same year. She has appeared four times on the Financial Times’ annual Top 100 list of OUT standing LGBTQ Business Leaders. 
Outside work, Margot was co-chair of one of the Irish NGOs involved in the passing of the 2015 Marriage Equality Act in Ireland, marking the first time that a sovereign state has legalised same sex marriage via popular vote. 
Margot is President of the France-Ireland Chamber of Commerce and her non-executive board memberships include Out and Equal Workplace Advocates, Bord na Móna, the Dublin Chamber of Commerce and Business in the Community Ireland.

Gav Sarafian (she/her/they/them)

Panel | Pride Parades — New Perspectives

Developer, Far Cry 6 | Ubisoft Toronto

Gav (she/they) is a transfemme ADHD queerdo who makes games that explore neurodivergency, subcultures, queer + trans identities, and the thoughts that keep her up at night. She has worked in games for over eight years, and currently operates out of Ubisoft Toronto, where she co-organizes their 2SLGBTQIA+ Employee Resource Group. During the two years that the ERG has been in existence, Gav has been part of efforts to bring meaningful change to the studio. This includes: successfully pitching all-gender washrooms at the studio, updating the studio’s orientation materials, working with the studio to participate in Toronto’s Pride Parade, fundraising efforts, creating programming for Pride 2021, and more. Her ERG’s mission is to act as an advocate for equality, representation, and opportunities within their studio, and games industry at large. 

Outside of games, she is a performance artist, writes and films short stories, likes to cook and bake, loves playing co-op games, and is a darner of socks. You can find her personal work on her website.

Nathalie Marie Pérez Sievers (she/her)

Talk | How to: Diversity im Recruiting

Team Lead Recruiting | Dept Germany Marketing Holding GmbH

Nathalie konzentriert sich seit 2014 ausschließlich auf das Thema Recruiting. Für die Agentur, namens Profilfitzer, und das Start-Up, namens Websitebutler, konnte sie ihr strategisches Know-How mit ihrer Tatkraft verbinde und war für den Aufbau der internen People & Culture-/Recruiting-Abteilungen verantwortlich. 

Ihre Begeisterung für eine Position im Recruiting basiert auf der Chance, talentierte Persönlichkeiten zu finden und zu gewinnen! Darüber hinaus macht es ihr Spaß, Prozesse zu definieren und effizienter zu gestalten. All dies gepaart mit Daten und sie läuft auf Hochtouren. Nathalie liebt es auch, ihr Team wachsen zu sehen. Sie mag Herausforderungen und freut sich, wenn sie gemeinsam etwas Großes erreichen können. 

Das Thema Diversity umtreibt Nathalie stets, da sie selber mit einer Frau verlobt ist und sie es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht hat, dass Diversity bei Dept gelebt wird.

Seit Februar 2019 arbeitet Nathalie bei Dept und hat direkt mit dem Aufbau der Recruiting-Abteilung begonnen. Parallel dazu hat sie ein 7 köpfiges Recruiting-Team aufgebaut und ist für alle Recruiting-Aktivitäten in Deutschland sowie für die fachliche und disziplinarische Führung des Recruiting-Teams verantwortlich. 

Floria Susan Moghimi (she/her)

Talk | How to Become an Effective Ally

D&I Consultant

Floria Moghimi is a D&I consultant and successfully works with clients in innovative industries. She has a background in internal and external communications at large international corporations (KPMG, Deutsche Post DHL) and her MA in political science. With workshops, audits and assessments she supports clients in designing transformative D&I strategies, while using the intersectional lens. She believes that building structures and systems for the most marginalized will be beneficial for everyone. Floria is also the founder and community manager of the largest German D&I group on LinkedIn and a blog editor.

Ross Jennings (he/him)

Talk | Being Part of the LGBTIQ+ Community in the B2B World

Global Market & Customer Activation Manager, Digital | Henkel Adhesive Technologies

Ross is a 28 year old from the UK who is currently based in Düsseldorf, Germany having lived there for the last 5 year. Since graduating from Royal Holloway, University of London with a BSc Management with Marketing in 2014, he has worked for two global organizations (GROHE & Henkel). Having held mostly global positions, Ross has had exposure to different cultures and environments which has allowed him to be himself due to the diverse environments in which he has worked in. 

Currently at Henkel, Ross is working in the B2B business unit focusing on digital transformation. Aside from this, Ross is also part of a diversity initiative in Henkel Adhesive Technologies called “United by Diversity” where he is leading the Sexual Orientation circle with 7 other colleagues.

Dr. Akshaya Kamalnath (she/her)

Panel | Do We Need an LGBTIQ+ Quota?

Senior Lecturer | The Australian National University, College of Law

Dr Akshaya Kamalnath is a corporate law academic with a specific interest in diversity in corporations, corporate social responsibility, and other issues at the intersection of corporate law and society. Her PhD was on gender diversity on corporate boards; and she is currently working on a book titled The Corporate Diversity Jigsaw to be published by the Cambridge University Press in 2021. Dr Kamalnath is originally from India and has worked and studied in India, USA, New Zealand and Australia. In addition to publishing in legal journals, Dr Kamalnath also blogs at The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Corporate Governance

Stuart Bruce Cameron (he/him)

Panel | Do We Need an LGBTIQ+ Quota?

Founder & CEO | UHLALA Group

I’m the CEO and founder of UHLALA Group and I’ve been involved in various professional projects for LGBTIQ+ in the working world for more than 10 years. Since 2009, the UHLALA Group has been committed to the networking, further education and promotion of LGBTIQ+ people in their professional lives worldwide, and bringing them in contact with LGBTIQ+ friendly companies and organizations.

These projects include Europe‘s largest LGBTIQ+ job & career fair STICKS & STONES, the LGBTIQ tech community Unicorns in Tech, the global LGBTIQ+ leadership community RAHM, the LGBTIQ+ lawyer network ALICE, the German LGBTIQ+ employer seal PRIDE Champion, Proudr | The World’s First LGBTIQ+ Business & Networking App and We Stay PRIDE | The LGBTIQ+ Employer Excellence Programme.

I truly believe in diversity & inclusion in all its dimensions and thus my engagement is not limited to LGBTIQ+ visibility, but also the promotion of women in management positions. Together with Isabelle Hoyer, I co-founded the PANDA Women Leadership Network in 2012. 

Vessy Tasheva (she/her/they/them)

Talk TBA

Founder & CEO |

Originally Bulgarian and based out of Ireland, I work with clients across Europe and North America such as Soundcloud, Reward Gateway, Typeform and more.
At, we find fulfilment in helping people remove the internal (mental health) and external (diversity & inclusion) barriers they face so they can live happier and healthier lives. 
I was named by Hive Learning as one of 2019’s most influential D&I Leaders globally and as one of the UK’s most influential D&I leaders in 2020. In 2021 I was listed by Onalytica in Top 50 D&I Influencers globally. 
I have authored 2 international independent reports (2019 and 2020 Diversity in the Workplace), as well as a 2021 paper on How Diversity and Inclusion Leaders Can Drive Measurable Results
In April 2020 I launched a video course on Inclusive Leadership on SocialTalent, learning platform, where the course ranked as #2 in the Most Watched course for the month of May, 2020. 
In the last 11 years, prior to being a founder, I have worked as Chief Strategy Officer of a talent tech startup, as well as in various roles across product, marketing, and culture in companies between 4 and 800 employees. 

Nada Chaiyajit (she/her)

Talk | Diversity & Inclusion: A Journey Toward Equality in the Workplace Through the Lens of Human Rights

Senior Advisor to the Governing Board on Laws / Human Rights and Equality (RSAT) and Human Rights Campaign Advisor (MF) | Rainbow Sky Association of Thailand (RSAT) and Manushya Foundation (MF)

Nada Chaiyajit is the Human Rights Campaign Advisor at Manushya Foundation and serves as the LGBTI focal point of the Thai BHR Network and Thai CSOs Coalition for the UPR. She also acts as a Senior Advisor on Law, Human Rights and Equality to the Board of RSAT (Rainbow Sky Association of Thailand). Nada strongly believes in community empowerment for achieving social justice and has worked as a Transgender rights Activist since 2006. Her experience and expertise in the human rights field include: LGBTI rights, gender equality, business and human rights, sexual health, and media advocacy, at national and international levels. In 2019, she was awarded the Chevening Scholarship of the UK Government and holds a L.L.M. in International Human Rights Law from the Faculty of Law at the University of Essex, UK. Prior to her Master’s degree, she worked as a Capacity Building Coordinator at Manushya Foundation, served as the SOGIE Project Coordinator for the World Bank Group and as a National Consultant on legal gender recognition for the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) Being LGBTI in Asia initiative.

Maylis Djikalou (she/her)

Talk TBA

Programme Director | WE CREATE SPACE

Maylis is a transformation coach and consultant who has worked at the intersection of creative and mental health industries for the last ten years; curating international events and strategic partnerships to promote wellbeing in the workplace as a competitive advantage. She is also Programme Director at WE CREATE SPACE, the LGBTQ+ self-empowerment platform, designing learning and development experiences that support Queer Leaders with becoming the most impactful version of themselves – inside their own communities and organisations.

Ramkrishna Sinha (he/him)

Panel | LGBTIQ+ Workplace Inclusion in Asian Countries

Co-Founder | Price Circle

Ramkrishna Sinha (pronoun He/Him) is Co-Founder of Pride Circle and has enabled many organizations on their journey of LGBT inclusion. His research „In & Out –The Indian LGBT Workplace Climate Survey 2016“ co-authored & published by MINGLE and played a crucial role in progressing the conversation in Indian workplaces. Ram has been recognized as Global D&I Hero of the Year 2017 at Intel. He also won the prestigious „Champion of the Year“ Award from Out & Equal Workplace Advocates and was featured in the list of 50 LGBT+ Future Leaders Globally by OUTstanding & Financial Times.  He is currently compiling stories of LGBTI & allies in the blog titled „101 Coming Out Stories from India“ which has reached over five million people. Pride Circle has enabled over 250 job offers for LGBT+ Talent in inclusive organizations, helped 100+ LGBT owned businesses to gain visibility, expand market reach and access to mentors, and works with over 300 organizations enabling LGBT+ inclusion.

Max Appenroth (they/them)

Panel | Geschlechtliche Vielfalt und trans*freundlicher Umgang in Unternehmen

Diversity Consultant, Public Health Expert & Moderator

Max Appenroth (they/them) is Cologne-based trans activist, diversity consultant, moderator, and in the final year of their PhD in Public Health. Max also works as a project coordinator for the international trans-led organisation GATE – Global Action for Trans Equality. 
With their own company ‘diversity sparq’ Max offers workshops & trainings to companies, institutions, and care facilities to learn (more) about sexual and gender diversity, and how to make workplaces and services more inclusive and accessible. 
Max is an internationally recognized expert on HIV prevention and care in trans & gender diverse communities and provides support through their expertise for various different research projects. 
Additionally, through moderating, shows, events, and series (virtual and in person) Max is raising the visibility and representation of trans and gender diverse people in media. They are currently moderating a TikTok series about LGBTQIA+ topics.
For more information about Max and their work, please check

Kanishka Chaudhry (he/him)

Talk TBA

Co Founder & Director | Samavesh Chamber of Commerce

Kanishka is the co-founder and Director of Samavesh Chamber of Commerce, India’s first Queer racial minority lead LGBTIQ+ Chamber of Commerce. Kanishka has substantial global experience in the Supply Chain and Diversity & Inclusion domains, having been recognized and awarded globally for the same. He specializes in creating sustainable and inclusive solutions for his Fortune 100 clients that have brought incremental value to their ROIs and to the communities around them. An MBA from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Kanishka is also a Certified Blockchain and Supply Chain Professional, Six Sigma Black Belt Specialist, and a Certified D&I Trainer.